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Project Team

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Are you an artist? Could you design backgrounds in Lucasarts style? Would you be able to translate the web or the game?

If you also love graphic adventures this is the moment. Join the team! Participate in your own graphic adventure! The Adventures of the Black Hawk, a graphic adventure in pixel art with the humour, playability and fun of the graphic adventures of the golden age of the 90s.

The game is in development right now, so any collaboration will be welcome. We need backgrounds designers and translators. We encourage you to participate in our project and to become a developer of your own game. Do not hesitate! Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Croquetasesina Studios

Croquetasesina Studios is independent audiovisual company from Malaga. With several works at national and international level, it is dedicated to the shooting of spots, short films and documentaries, as well as to the special effects of them. It was born in 2015 with the filming of the documentary The Garden of Dreams, for the Hospital of Jaén and the association of children with cancer ALES Jaén, in collaboration with various characters from the national artistic world as the group IZAL. We has since continued his work with one more documentary, the full production of the horror short Suggestion and several advertising spots for the Philharmonik Symphony Orchestra, among other works Our last production to highlight was the Promotional Spot for the 501 Legion of Jaen, in which Santi Rodríguez, Spanish comic actor as the most outstanding role, collaborated, and in which we developed the complete production, from shooting to music or special effects.

In 2019 Croquetasesina Studios decided to expand its audiovisual productions into the world of video games. And it is the classic pixelated graphic adventures that best suit the style and taste of the production company. That is why we searches for forgotten stories, intending to retrieve them and bring them to light, bearing in mind that they are attractive. Being a not-for-profit producer, we soon starts looking for a team of artists who agree to work collaboratively, that is, without receiving anything in return and with varied interests such as work experience or simply personal experience.

Collaborative project

After months of searching, we managed to bring together many highly qualified people in each of the specialties it required: graphic designers (both stage and character designers) music composers, programmers... until we get a whole team together with a great promising future. The entire development team decided to join the project in a collaborative way, that is, none of us are receiving money in exchange for the development of the video game, without exception. In this way we all work on an equal footing, with the illusion of launching our own adventure and at the pace permitted by our other obligations. Based on this, we all started the project in equal conditions, the reasons for the collaboration being different in each case, as some do it for personal experience, others by professional projection and others by remembering their old graphic adventures and being able to create the dream they once had: their own graphic adventure. However, we will try to fund the project through a kickstarter campaign so that we can further accelerate development work and bring forward the launch date. By getting the campaign we can ensure that the entire team worked on the proposed deadlines for development.

The team, as we mentioned, is large and spread all over the world. Spain, Poland, USA, Argentina, France, Germany or are the origin of many of our creators.

These are some of the team members:

Víctor Parejo - Project Manager

Creator of the original idea and script. Scripter and music supervisor. Coordinator of Work Areas. His passion for classic graphic adventures makes him completely involved in this project with all the desire and enthusiasm to get a game that pretends to be up to his predecessors. His optimism and open character with the whole team encourage the good development of the video game.

Gracia Roldán - Web Designer

Responsible for creating the website and coordinating the social networks of our graphic adventure. She’s to blame for you being able to read a little bit more about our adventure here and constantly seeing new news on our social networks. Communications expert and English game translator.

Selmiak - German translator and web developer

German adventure game fanatic with a passion for graphic design and nice forms. Author of the original layout this website is based on. Avid longplayer on youtube.


Dani Arroyo - Scripter

Our best scripter, capable of anything that is proposed to you no matter how complex it is. Program the puzzles and puzzles that you must solve...

Alicia Jara - Graphic Art Director

Creator of the Game Design Document and the Art Design Document of the project. Sevillian artist who directs the works of the graphic part and who organizes the style criteria of the video game.


Luis Aleixandre - Background Designer

The true artistic genius. If you can highlight anyone within the backgrounds designers he’s Luis. He perfectly captures the style of the video game in each of its backgrounds. He wonderfully develops the world in which our characters come to life. We wouldn’t be able to say a hundred percent that he didn’t participate in the designs of some Lucasarts game even though he denies it. A wonderful artist without equal.

Seda Çelik - Backgrounds designers and foreground images

Creator of the historical images of the introduction, she has also made great collaborations with sketches of scenarios and designs of charming characters.

Emilie Dambreville- Background elements designers and animations

Wonderful designer who makes large-sized objects from backgrounds with totally wonderful animations. In addition, she has collaborated with great sketches and artistic ideas that are reflected in the header of the game.

Alexandra Vezhnovets - Backgrounds designer

Backgrounds designer and responsible for the design of the chapter screens. In addition, she has collaborated with some characters and items.

Marcelo Erman - Close-ups Designer

The great Argentine artist designs the close-ups of the video game that will take us to a much more personal and intimate view. This will bring us closer to some tracks or conversations between characters that will give a unique look to our scenes.


Joaquín Quevedo- Backgrounds and inventory element designer

What would become of our inventory without the great Joaquin. Able to design all the inventory objects with a few pixels, it succeeds in completing in a wonderful way the scenery with those details that make them unique. Its clean and perfectionist style gives meaning and cohesion to the scenarios with the interface. In addition, it collaborates with beautiful sketches of backgrounds.

Pablo Mesquida - Character designer

If an artist knows how to perfectly reflect the personality of the characters, it’s him. Pablo is our main character designer as well as animator. He has designed all the main characters and most of the secondary ones. Quite a crack of design


Jose Luis Álvarez - Animator

He gives life to our characters. Jose Luis is able to make our designs come alive and carry out any action, however fast it is. In addition, as a good creative, he proposes numerous complementary animations that will give much more action to our game than you can imagine.

Jordi Longan - Composer

Composer of the main theme of the video game. It is an honor for us to have Jordi on our team; his compositional quality makes the video game’s soundtrack really spectacular. Once you hear the main theme, you can never forget it.

David Gómez - Composer

He's able to give a twist to the soundtrack with totally fun themes. You will enjoy listening to each of the compositions that the master has developed with motifs associated with scenes or characters and that you can’t help but hum without noticing.



Some examples of our work

Game development and source
The Adventures of The Black Hawk is based on the film and the novel by Alejandro Dumas "The Black Tulip".
The story, the characters, the stages and the music were only inspired by these sources.
Everything else has been created in an original way by the Croquetasesina Studios team for development
      of the video game.
Our effort and enthusiasm for the development of this game does not cease, we hope it meets your expectations.
      This game will be sold on Steam, Origin and maybe, Playstore;)
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